Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Thanks for all your comments guys! I attended the pet expo out at exhibition park today...this made me think about the psychological health of the pets themselves...I know they aren't neccessarily as intelligent as people but surely being at a pet expo for a weekend sitting in a cage being goo-ed and gaa-ed at with screaming children all around would not be beneficial to the animals psychologically? I witnessed children chasing after chickens who were what seemed to be running for their can this be psychologically rewarding for the animals? How would humans feel being caged up in a small area being goo-ed and gaa-ed at??

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Clare said...

Hi Erin,
I think you have a very interesting topic! I adore animals and I am very much in love with my little dog Pixie. I must say I agree with you about those poor animals cooped up in those small cages all day long! I believe that animals can be psychologically damaged from isolation and mistreatment. A friend of mine bought a pet shop dog because he had been in the glass pet shop cage for over 8 months! And the poor little dog was very traumatized and messed up as a result. My friend and her doggy pal live in civic and whenever she walks the poor thing anywhere near the pet shop he freaks out!
My little Pixie brings so much joy to my life so I look forward to reading your research on pets!